Over here, we're all about writing your well-seasoned recipe for success. 🌢️

As faith-led entrepreneurs, we do things a little differently β€” and the incredible stories our brands tell deserve to be seen and heard.

At Sukkar & Spice, we build brands that aren't just scroll-stopping – they truly connect with the people you've set out to serve, through a culture-first approach.

Cardamom, clove, and a dash of cinnamon? Yes please.

Why us?

It's simple. We know how challenging growing a business can be, because we've done it. And being a Muslim entrepreneur? That comes with it's own set of barakah-filled obstacles. That’s exactly where we come in β€” we're a Muslim-owned brand, helping Muslim entrepreneurs take up space.

We're here to elevate our community, one Muslim brand at a time.


We're the studio for you if...

  • You want your brand to set you apart from everyone else
  • You'd love to show up proudly for your business
  • You're looking for clarity, so you can make informed decisions for your brand
  • You feel lost in your business, and need a roadmap to your dreams
  • You want more time to do what you love, instead of trying to DIY it all
  • You want to turn up the heat in your business πŸŒΆοΈ

I'm Isra, a brand strategist with a passion for helping
Muslim entrepreneurs.

I work with clients to write their roadmap to success, through strategic and beautifully designed brands that turn heads.

When I'm not working on projects, I can be found at the ice rink, collecting content, obsessing over contemporary Arabic typography, and looking for my new favourite cafe to work from. 🍡






A branding studio for those who do it differently

"I loved working with Isra! I highly appreciate her professionalism and dedication to making sure I was happy with her designs, and I'm impressed with the presentation and quality of her work. Here's a quote by Robert L. Peters that best describes the vision of Isra's designs - 'Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future."

Mahmoud, Founder of Shadda & Madda


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Know what the perfect match is?

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